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Nokia Bandit – A Windows Phone Phablet in the Making?

As more manufacturers jump on the ‘phablet’ bandwagon, producing handsets like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Mega, it would seem it is now Nokia’s turn. The manufacturer has a rumoured 6-inch device, said to be planned for an end of year launch.

Nokia Lumia 925 Front Top

Reported to be codenamed the Nokia Bandit, sources within the Finnish firm have told tech website The Verge that the mammoth smartphone will feature a 6-inch 1080p display and a quad-core processor.

Devices which run Microsoft’s mobile platform are currently only powered by dual-core chips and are limited to 720p screen resolution at present, making Nokia’s  rumoured handset the first full HD Windows Phone model to hit the market.

Speculated specs

Although nothing has been confirmed as yet, the Bandit’s potential spec sheet seems to be pretty solid.

It also looks as though the smartphone could carry forward Nokia’s strong camera technology as the device is said to sport a 20 megapixel sensor, with a slight hump on the back to house a lens similar to that seen on the Lumia 925.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Lens and Top Edge

Unlike the aluminium-framed Lumia 925, the manufacturer is also believed to be reverting back to the all-polycarbonate design of previous Lumia devices with the Bandit.  Although it is still expected to be lightweight and sleek despite its ample measurements.

To support the new display and processor functionality, Microsoft is working on an update for Windows Phone 8 in the hope that the platform can finally contend with the full HD handsets powered by Google’s Android OS.

This update will also accommodate an additional column of Live Tiles on the homescreen, which will likely fit perfectly on the Bandit’s large display.

So far Nokia’s largest handset running the Windows Phone platform is the 4.7-inch mid-range Lumia 625. However, if speculation is to be believed, the Bandit phablet could be the first of many planned 1080p Windows Phone-toting devices from Nokia. This is certainly something that would place the Finnish manufacturer on a par with the likes of Samsung and HTC.

Numerous Nokias

Over the past year alone Nokia has produced a wave of handsets to cover every aspect of the smartphone market. The recent Lumia 1020 packs a massive 41 megapixel lens, while the mid-range Lumia 625 offers impressive specs and a large display for a handset which sits in the cheap mobile contracts niche.

This range of devices bolstered the Windows Phone platform’s global market share to 3.3% in the second quarter of 2013, moving into third place behind Android and iOS.

Sales of Nokia’s Lumia series grew 112.7% in the same quarter thanks to its expanding number of smartphones pitched at multiple price points. As Nokia continues to face stiff competition from its rivals, it will be key for the firm to maintain and build on this growth in the long term.

With the rumoured improvements to the Windows Phone OS and the possible Bandit phablet coming to the market before the end of the year, here’s hoping Nokia’s supersized handset can make a big impression.


This guest post was written by Stefanie Keeling of Phones 4u – home of the best mobile phone deals and #projectupgrade.

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