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ONKYO TX-NR509B 5.1 Networking AV Receiver

The quality of the receiver for your home stereo or maybe home theater system is something which is going to make your system. One thing you’re going to find is that if you want a good system you’re normally going to have to pay a small fortune to get it. But most folks want to get a high quality system without having to pay an arm and a leg to get it. And that is exactly why we have made a decision to take a better look at the Onkyo TX-NR509 5.1 Channel Network A/V Receiver.


The very first thing I want to mention concerning this device is the price that you’ll be able to get this for. If you were to order this device from Amazon you will be able to get it for about £300. Something else that I should mention is that Amazon is offering this receiver for more than £50 off of the actual retail price. Amazon will even pay the shipping fees for this product, so this isn’t a thing that you are not going to need to be worried about paying.

And just because this is an affordable receiver you will not have to be worried about the power that you are going to get from this system. In fact you’re going to find that this system will actually offer you 80 watts per channel which is in fact a thing that is rather impressive. One more thing I want to point out about this system is you will want to be sure you have speakers that can handle the 80 watts. This is not to say that you can’t utilize the speakers you have, but if you plan on hosting parties and really turning up the volume you may want really good speakers.

Something else you’re going to really like relating to this system is that you will have the ability to connect a lot of different devices. What you’re going to find is that not only does this come with multiple RCA inputs but you also get 4 HDMI inputs and also a front USB input. Simply because they have put the USB port on the front of the product you’ll discover that it is easy to hook up your mp3 devices.

Apple TV
ONKYO TX-NR509B 5.1 Networking AV Receiver

Yet another thing you will find is that this system will even provide you with an on screen display if you hook this up to your television. Additionally you don’t have to take my word on how good this device is, all you have to do is go to Amazon and read all the reviews from individuals who have bought this device and you’ll see that most individuals love this device. So if you’re trying to find a good quality, affordable receiver this may be precisely what you are trying to find.

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