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Our Favourite Security Apps For The IPad

As more of us buy iPads and other expensive technology, the threat of being a victim of crime increases slightly as opportunists and criminals try to cash in on stolen property. Thankfully for iPad users there are a number of apps available that can help protect the content on your tablet from theft, and help you locate it if it goes missing. Recently a lawyer managed to use an app installed on his iPad to track it to a neighbouring country after it was stolen from his bag. I’ve had a look at some similar apps which you can download to make your tablet more secure and easier to track in the event of loss or theft. You know how much you treasure your beloved, so make sure that it is as safe and secure as possible. If you lose it, you’ll be sorry!


Once installed on your tablet Hidden will remain idle until woken up by a remote signal. If your tablet is stolen, you can login to the online tracking control panel to mark the device as stolen, activating the anti theft feature of the app. Once it is activated, the program will locate your stolen device, take pictures of the thief when they use your tablet and grab screenshots of the tablet when it’s in use. All the information the app collects is accessible via the tracking control panel and the app will continue to collect information about the person using your iPad no matter how long it has been missing.

Find my iPad

The find my iPad app takes advantage of the iCloud to help you locate your missing tablet. Once you have noticed that your iPad is gone you can sign in at iCloud.com and locate your tablet on a map. The iCloud offers lost mode which allows you to immediately lock your device remotely and send it a message with a contact number attached. Whoever locates your tablet will be able to call you from the lock screen without gaining access to any of the other information on your device.


Gadget track can help you improve the chances of recovering your iPad, using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile phone tower signals to get an accurate location for your device. Once tracking begins you are sent emails containing detailed information about its current location, keeping you up to date if a thief is on the move. GadgeTrak also allows you to send discrete messages to your device enticing the thief to initiate a tracking report by replying.


Prey is similar to the Hidden app, taking pictures of the thief and tracking the location of your stolen tablet. It also allows you to gather information regarding the device’s hardware and network status, and optionally trigger specific actions on it. You can completely loc k your device, rendering it useless and the app will also look for the nearest Wi-Fi connection to ensure that it is always connected to the internet and in touch with you.

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