3 Ways The Internet Changed Simple Tasks

We have come a far way, haven’t we? The Internet is easily accessible to almost everyone in America. It’s hard to meet a child that isn’t quite knowledgeable in what the Internet does, and how we could all use it for our advantages. Did you know that thanks to the …

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Top 5 Best Mobile Apps Of 2012

Top 5 Best Mobile Apps Of 2012 4

2012 was the year of the mobile device. From tablets to incredible smartphones, millions of apps were downloaded each day in 2012. With trial and error, mobile users fell in love with some or tried an app for a day or two and then uninstalled it. The following apps were …

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Where Does Your Energy Come From?

The UK uses around 2% of the entire world’s electricity supply each year – which is quite a lot when you consider we’re actually one of the smallest countries in the developed world. With this in mind we decided to take a look at how our energy is generated and …

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