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Philips PD9000/05 Portable DVD Player

The Philips PD9000/05 9-Inch LCD Portable DVD Player with 5 Hour Battery is a product that seems to be perfect for long drives in a car, or airline flights. The Phillips PD9000 is actually a reasonable portable DVD player using a nice 9″ TFT LCD display. This built-in rechargeable battery lasts a solid five hours of DVD viewing. It additionally comes with AV cable, built-in stereo speakers, remote control, car adapter as well as a headrest mounting pouch.

If you have a few kids that you need to take on prolonged trips or need to get stuff done, then this player might be something to consider. But it may have some disadvantages that you might want to consider. You would expect this to be quite a popular product. The critiques look to be either really good or really bad. It is interesting to see how a large number of people love it and others hate it. It’s also interesting that the assistance quality varies from person to person at the same time. It appears like the experiences are coming from two diverse companies.


One positive of this particular DVD player is the AV output can certainly be hooked up to a TV in your hotel room. The remote and AV cables are great however it is not long enough so you may also require an extension. It includes a car charger in addition to a headrest holder for the vehicle. On the other hand quite a few people have argued that the car mount is not built very well. The issue for the mount is that it does not secure the player effectively in comparison to metal types. The bottom section of the headrest holder, which is elastic, covers up the buttons somewhat, which is not a big difficulty for most people, but for some people, it seems to be more than a big deal. If the mount is a issue, then you could possibly want to secure it better with tape or perhaps buy a separate metal mount.

The DVD player is furthermore very capable of playing just about any format of DVD’s even the one you produced yourself. The battery is actually integrated inside it, and it is very compact when compared with others. As a result, the battery can last up to five hours which is much more than most portable DVD players. A pleasant feature is that it can pick up where the movie was left off. It is quite irritating to stop for gas and have the movie go back to the beginning.

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Philips PD9000/05 Portable DVD Player

You need to be sure that this is the kind of player you want and that you understand the issues. You could find that this particular DVD player is exactly what you had hoped for. Nevertheless when there are a lot of disappointed reviews, it is feasible for the same thing to happen.

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