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Phone Packages Now Available With Broadband

Broadband Bundles! Phone Packages now Available with Broadband

Broadband without a phone line seems to be an ancient practice these days, as more and more people are inclined towards the ease of using bundle packages that offer a combination of services, like broadband, plus digital TV, plus phone. When internet services are offered in a bundle, users can benefit from an all-in-one bundle, and they don’t have to subscribe to different sources through different service providers.

Bundling can help make great savings not only in terms of money but in terms of energy and time as well. Companies that offer these bundles offer savings in terms of cost, because they make bulk investments in providing multiple technologies. In addition, it is easier for them to service your £100 account than 5 £20 accounts.

Confused about bundle choice?

With so many providers around, each having different promotions and packages, bundling can become confusing. Competitors in the industry are out to market their services aggressively, so there is a deliberate creation of confusion in the market. It can be really hard to know what represents value, and you might have to read a lot of small print.

It can be enough to make you think about getting broadband without a phone line, and getting each service individually. If you want a phone line, Broadband and TV Service, then you should definitely bundle though.

There is no doubt that the bundle providers offer cost effective services for the packages.

There are, however, a few factors that must be considered before jumping on the bandwagon and going for a bundle.

Factors to consider

A top broadband website conducted research and found that getting a cheap service is not important to the majority of consumers. This implies that broadband customers are more inclined towards the quality of services provided rather than the associated costs.  What matters most is broadband connection reliability, after which broadband speed is a close second. Customers rate the cost vs. value of broadband third after quality and speed.

Line rental:

Many bundle packages come with a headline rate, which is just for a month. People get impressed by the attractive offering without noticing the overshadowed line-rent that has to be paid each month.  Talk Talk’s Essential package shows a headline rate of only a month with a connection speed of 13 Mb, and has unlimited downloading on offer. Included in the package are weekend and evening calls throughout U.K. However, when the line rent is added to this package, its attraction fades in comparison to other offers on the market.

Call Rates:

One should not be hasty in going for a bundle for wireless broadband and a phone package. It is equally important to look for the details of the package as companies usually make up for their lower headline rates by having expensive call rates. It’s better to go for a little more expensive offer, which may not cost as much in the long-term, rather than going for a pseudo cheaper service that costs more in real terms.

The four big names in bundling, BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media, have higher call charges on home calls compared to smaller provider Primus Saver.

You should choose a package that suits your requirements factoring in how often and at what time of the day your calls are usually made. If you only every use your mobile then the landline call rates may be irrelevant. If you make a lot of landline calls during the day then get a package that keeps these calls as cheap as possible,

Superfast Broadband

If your priority is the broadband then Virgin Media may be a good choice. Virgin has consistently been appearing at the top of broadband speed tests, and is the U.K’s fastest broadband service provider, offering speeds of 30 Mb, 60 Mb and 100 Mb. Virgin is available in around 50% of UK homes.

The fibre broadband service provided by BT will be reaching two thirds of U.K by 2014 and is the largest network in the country, unrivalled by any other. . It offers connectivity speeds of 36 Mb, 76 Mb and 100 Mb. It has great upload speeds as well.

High speed sustainable broadband, which affords good quality service, is the essence of this fast-pace era of globalisation.  The UK Government has ambitious plans to get superfast broadband to 90% of the population. Broadband is important to both consumers, but to business even more so.

Phone Line:

If you do not have a phone line, and need to get an ADSL broadband connection, the bundle providers will install a phone line for free if you are getting the digital TV and phone (BT and Virgin Media). If you don’t bundle they will likely charge around £130 for installing a new phone line. This is especially useful information for people who have moved home.

Getting broadband without a phone line:

If you get fibre broadband you don’t need to have a phone line as the cables don’t use the BT phone socket. You could use a VoIP service instead of a landline and gain just about all the benefits of a fixed phone. Alternatively, mobile broadband technology is getting to the stage that consumers can use 4G mobile broadband as their main broadband service. This will certainly be the case in the near future as 4G rolls out and provider competition increases data allowances within packages.

Good Broadband Providers

Providers like BE Broadband, Plusnet and O2 Broadband are good options. Some people might consider getting services from a ‘well-known’ company just based on name. The biggies don’t actually always offer the best customer service.

There is a natural tendency to opt for a company just because your friends are with them. It is not always wise to follow the mob; choosing what suits your requirements and budget best is the way to go. If your friends get a good service, and live close to you, then their recommendation might actually be very useful, as it will likely indicate the service level you will receives.

Sam Jones liked the idea of broadband without a phone line as it seemed to offer a degree of flexibility. He shopped around using uSwitch and other online price comparison websites to get the best deal to suit his budget.

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