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Samsung Galaxy 8 Preview

What Can We Expect From the Next Generation Galaxy Note?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released later this year. What can we expect from the iPhone’s biggest rival?

With all the buzz around the forthcoming iPhone 8, which is due for release in September, the latest news from the rumour mill is that Samsung will look to steal Apple’s thunder, and as many of its customers as possible, by launching its next generation Galaxy Note 8 a month earlier, in August of this year.

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It is fair to say that Samsung has some catching up to do after the PR disaster surrounding the battery issues with the Note 7. However, it certainly seems to be up for the challenge. It recently released the S8, which has met with wide acclaim. This is great news for smart consumers looking for a great deal on a cheap Galaxy S7, which remains one of the best phones on the market and now represents fantastic value for money.

Here’s a round up of all the latest leaks and gossip around the Galaxy 8.


Samsung has confirmed that the Note 8 is definitely coming, and it’s coming this year. The Note 5 and Note 7 both had August releases, so given what we already know about Apple’s plans for the iPhone 8, the rumoured release date of August seems to make sense.

However, in view of what happened with the Note 7, there is the distinct possibility that Samsung might take some extra time to make doubly sure there is no repetition of the battery safety issues, and will delay the release till October. That would put it exactly eight months after the release of the S8, and would be perfect timing to make it the “must have” Christmas gift.

Design and screen

In all probability, the Note 8’s design will be broadly similar to the Galaxy S8 Plus. The screen size is expected to be larger than the outgoing model, at 6.2 inches, and there are strong rumours that it will feature ground breaking 4K resolution.

You might ask why you would need a 4K screen on a phone. In ordinary usage, you probably wouldn’t, but when it doubles as a virtual reality headset, it means you will not get that “screen door effect” of seeing individual pixels when the screen is only two inches from your eyes.

The Note 8 is also expected to have the “infinite display” that has proved so popular on the S8. In other words, no physical home button, just touch screen sensitivity that brings up different options, depending on how hard you press.


Samsung has fallen behind the competition a little where cameras are concerned, so expect something new with the Note 8. The probability is that they will join the party with the dual lens technology that is currently giving Apple and Sony the edge with their smartphone offerings.

The Note 8 will probably have 12MP wide angle and 13MP telephoto lenses, which can be combined to provide a three times optical zoom. In other words, a very similar set up to what we see on the iPhone 7 Plus.


Finally, we cannot ignore the elephant in the room. The Note 8 will need a big battery. But for obvious reasons, it will also need a safe one.

The S8+ has a battery capacity of 3,500mAh, and the Note 8 will most likely have something similar. While some competitors go bigger, it is reasonable to assume Samsung will play it cool and err on the side of caution.

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