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Samsung Galaxy S4: Is it the complete package?

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 the Korean manufacturer has gone to great lengths to market the device as the ultimate “life companion”.


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The firm’s flagship of 2013 comes packed with a wealth of new features that have played a central role in Samsung’s multi-million pound marketing campaign, positioning the software as the “soul” of the handset.

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, which use eye-tracking technology to detect when a user is looking at the display to pause videos and scroll through web pages without having to touch the screen, are just a couple of the new software features to come with the device. Unfortunately for Samsung it’s these extras that have caused some industry watchers to label the device as “gimmicky”.

While many of the features sound impressive after a while they don’t really add anything in terms of functionality, so what happens if you look beyond these innovations? Well you’ll discover that the Galaxy S4 is laden with a raft of impressive, high-end specs.


Key Features

  • 5 inch full HD super AMOLED display
  • 1.9GHz quad-core processor
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2
  • 13 megapixel camera
  • 1080p video capture
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2,600mAh battery

In action the device offers a robust Android experience and it’s clear to see why the Galaxy S4 is already ranking as the world’s third most popular smartphone, beating other premium contract phones including the HTC One.


Display: With a ppi of 441 the Galaxy S4 takes visual performance a step further than Samsung’s previous devices offering an impressive level of brightness and colour clarity without being too garish on the eyes, particularly when looking at the screen for long periods of time.

Processor: After much speculation it was finally confirmed that the UK wouldn’t be getting the hugely hyped Samsung Exynos Octa 5 eight-core processor, however the quad-core number more than makes up for its absence. The 1.9GHz offering is currently one of the fastest processor chips available and makes for swift, lag-free performance whether surfing the web or playing a highly-intensive game.

Camera: As with the rest of the handset the Galaxy S4’s camera comes loaded with a range of features and shooting modes to enhance the quality of pictures in any setting. As a stand alone camera however it produces some fantastic results that are vibrant and have a great depth of detail.

Despite some criticisms over the software and in fact the plastic design, which many believe makes the device too similar to the Galaxy S III, there’s a heap of positive reviews doing the rounds suggesting that the Galaxy S4 is the “best Android phone” to date.

No matter how popular a brand is its products aren’t always going to please everyone, but there is no doubt that Samsung has pulled out all the stops to produce a device brimming with premium specs and software innovations.

It’s a shame that the firm’s marketing spiel overshadows the speedy processor, powerful display and incredible camera, because these elements alone really help make the Galaxy S4 stand out from the smartphone crowd.

Written by Sarah Hazelwood of Phones 4u.


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