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Sennheiser RS 120

You would like to buy some headphones, but you don’t know which ones would be your best choice. As opposed to finding headphones with the best sound quality, many people get the best ones at the cheapest price possible. If you’re unable to spend lots of money but you want the best you can afford, the Sennheiser RS-120 Wireless Headphones could be the one to get. These wireless headphones may be hooked up to your audio system and television and can be heard anywhere in your home.

Sennheiser RS 120
Sennheiser RS 120

Based on reviews, as usual, there are both good and bad, which at times only suggests that some people expect better quality than they have a right to, considering the price. Companies produce many different models at different price ranges because the quality levels vary. If you ever spend under a hundred dollars for headphones, tend not to expect the quality to match those that cost hundreds more. Even when comparing speakers of different brands, within the same price points, you are going to find contradictory reviews. Therefore, the only way you will know if they’re any good is to try them yourself.

It is best to determine a budget and check out the headphones that fall within that budget. It’s best to use user reviews as a baseline of what to anticipate. To illustrate, the Sennheiser wireless headphones get a range of 300 feet but several people say they don’t get that while others do so you aren’t going to know how it will work for you. In other cases, consumers are partial to a specific brand so their opinions might not reflect the actual quality of a particular product. A lot of people who purchased the Sennheiser RS-120 Wireless Headphones are quite happy with it.

The RS 120 is lightweight and stronger than a few of the other Sennheiser RS phones. The ease and comfort of the headphones would depend on you since the opinions on customer comfort differ tremendously from very comfortable to uncomfortable. Lots of reviewers found the quality of sound to be really good for the price while others were not impressed. One of the issues several people had was the base for the headphones would appear to arbitrarily shut off. If the headphones are out of range or turned off, the base turns off after a couple of minutes. It has been an issue for a few people while it was not a problem for others. The base unit can be connected to a home theater receiver, with TV, DVD player and laptop or computer connected.


You’ll have a tough time locating better headphones for the price than Sennheiser RS-120 Wireless Headphones. You need to undoubtedly try this one out first when you start your hunt for new wireless headphones. It’s always best to test other brands and compare the quality to this one and decide.

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