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Sony DSCHX5VB Cyber-shot Digital Camera

For people who have been trying to find a nice digital camera you know you can spend anywhere from £50 up to £500 and even more. Personally, I would never spend £500 on a camera, but everyone is different and there are tons of folks who will. With that being said, I am additionally not one of the men and women who would by a digital camera mainly because it is cheap, mainly because it will not have the features that I am searching for. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V is a camera that will not empty your wallet but will additionally have many of the features you may possibly be trying to find.


The one thing that I really like concerning this camera would be the fact that it actually includes a 10x wide angle zoom lens. Meaning that you’ll be able to get close ups even when you are unable to get that close to the subject that you’re shooting. So if you have little ones and you take photographs of them while they are in a play or at their soccer game you’ll have the ability to get some amazing photographs. Something else you may possibly find is that for people who like to take photos of animals in the wild you’ll be able to get some great shots without spooking the animals.

Another thing that many men and women like is that this can in addition be used as a camcorder to capture high definition videos, and not just still pictures. This really makes this a really versatile camera as you will not have to tote around a separate camcorder to be able to capture videos. When you burn you videos to disc you’ll not be able to play them on a regular DVD player unless it’s mp4 compatible, but you can play them on blu-ray players, most computers and on any play station 3.

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Sony DSCHX5VB Cyber-shot Digital Camera

One thing that various other folks have commented on would be that you can get amazing panoramic pictures. This camera also sports a relatively impressive 3 inch screen so that you can get a clear view of what you are taking a picture of or recording to video. If you take a look at this camera on Amazon you’ll be able to find that this camera comes with a lot more features that we just do not have the room to cover here.

And when you are wondering how much a camera like this is going to cost, you’ll discover that if you order it from Amazon, you’ll be able to get it for about £170. In case you are wondering that is a terrific price as it is actually more than £70 off of the suggested retail price of this camera.

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