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Sony DSCTX10 Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera

The Sony Cyber-shot DSCTX10 camera can easily be used for an evening in town or for a trip under the sea. This digital camera is thin enough to fit in your pocket or handbag but possesses the forward-thinking design of Sony. Its airtight design and style makes it possible for it to be dust proof, waterproof to as deep as 16 feet and 10 inches and shatter proof from up to 5 feet 9 inches. It will also handle extreme weather conditions from 14 degrees to 104 degrees.

Sony DSCTX10 Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera
Sony DSCTX10 Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera

When looking at this type of camera, not only do you want to know what the makers say their camera will do, and what their warranty says, but read the reviews of people who decided to buy the camera. Be aware of all the positives along with the negatives to help you make an informed decision. If it’s convenient for you, you should do a quick test drive of the camera. Initially, this could seem like an awesome outdoor and underwater camera. However, some of the reviewers express they weren’t too impressed with the reality of the digital camera. Even though it is a little point and shoot model, it does take great photos and videos. To be the perfect outdoor digital camera, it seems to lack a few essential practical things.

What you should like about this digital camera, is the size means that you can take it anywhere, including the beach or a diner. When not being used, the slide cover gives great protection for the lens and the screen display is really clear. This camera features a 25mm wide-angle lens that is great, along with superb photo and picture quality. Apart from taking awesome pics, it is also able to take 1080i HD video at 60 frames per second rather than 30 frames per second. On a large flat screen TV, the video images seem nearly life like. The waterproof appears to be built soundly on this camera.

But some of the issues for some include the slow startup time. You will find there’s a delay of up to seven seconds from when the camera is turned on to when it actually starts recording. This might actually be an annoyance for you if you need to take pics immediately. Though it may be quite durable, it can get scuffed very easily. Avoid putting the device in your pocket with your keys as the keys could scratch the screen. The battery life isn’t good and it does not come with a separate charger, but must be plugged in to charge.

You’ll see that the Sony Cyber-shot DSCTX10 16.2 MP Waterproof Digital Still camera is smartly designed but not as tough as you would expect. It takes awesome pictures and videos, which is probably what you want, but if you are a rugged outdoor person, you might want one which is more durable.

Sony Cyber-shot DSCTX10 it’s available in 5 colours:


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