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Sony NEX5N

After the clicking noise while shooting video was remedied, the Sony NEX5N has got many good reviews. It is not a simple operation in terms of the menu system, but if you are in the IA mode or Intelligent Automatic, when you are snapping photographs, you will get excellent results, quickly.

A nice feature is the ability to pick a small area of your image with the use of the camera’s touch screen. When you do this, you will zoom into that area without any distortion and with excellent colors. Like previous versions, the camera is capable of capturing shadows with little noise in darker indoor scenes. Most DSLRs that are available for double the amount don’t even do as well. The ability to take panorama pictures is the next unusual feature of this camera, as the default setting is left to right horizontally. A solution to shooting panorama photos in its default mode is to shoot vertically while moving left to right or right to left. To modify the options you will need to go into the menu system after selecting panorama mode from the virtual wheel. You have trouble locating the options, you can read the easy to use user manual to find out.


You can create excellent panoramic shots with little effort. If you don’t want to spend time stitching pictures together, then the Sony NEX5N will be definitely worth it. One of the best features of this digicam is the ability to switch to manual mode using the virtual wheel. With the mechanical wheel, you can alter the shutter speed and go into f/stop by pushing the lower section of the wheel. The ISO, which is viewable beside the f/stop, could be reached by switching to the Menu mode and selecting Brightness/Color and right there is the ISO setting. By the time you get there, the picture you desired is no longer available. They ought to make it so that it would not be a requirement to return to the menu system.

You’ll find that the NEX5N comes complete with great features but it may take some effort to learn them all. For many people, they’re going to have the settings that actually work best for them and stick with it. Your camera grows more useful because these settings can be programmed for easy access. The touch screen navigation is remarkably intuitive despite the camera’s range of features. You can zoom in electronically, move between images in image review mode or choose an object to spotlight.

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Sony NEX5N

The Sony NEX5N is a wonderful camera and with a firmware update, it will be even better. The camera can be a lot more intuitive and easier to use with a few adjustments here and there.

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