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Sony NWZS545R Series 16GB Walkman with Built-In Stereo Speakers

The very first thing you are going to discover about this unit is that it’s not going to cost you over £150 like some of the various other MP3 players on the market. Sony has long been one of the most respected names in electronics for quite a while and now they’re even making MP3 players. It is for that reason that we have decided to take a much better look at the Sony Walkman NWZS545R 16 GB Video MP3 Player, which actually costs about half of the price of a comparable 5th generation iPod.


While both these products have 16 GB’s of memory and they both will play video you’ll find that the screen on the Sony is actually a little bit larger than that of the iPod. Whether you pick the iPod or the Sony, you’ll discover that either one will have the ability to store up to 4,000 audio files with regards to the size of the files. You’re going to find that the life of the battery in the iPod is in fact less than the life you’ll have with the Sony. In relation to the iPod you will only get about 24 hours of playing time, but the Sony can present you with up to 42 hours of audio, almost twice the playing time. This is in addition because the Sony includes a built in Radio and it does not take as much battery to hear the radio.

One thing we want to point out would be that the Sony also has a feature that the iPod does not carry. And this would be that the Sony player also comes with built in stereo speakers, which you will not find in the iPod. Of course your iPod will sync up perfectly with iTunes and you will not need to be worried about converting the files to the appropriate format. One thing that many men and women don’t comprehend is that you have the ability to reformat your AAC files that are meant for iPods to regular MP3’s so you can add them to the Sony player.

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Sony NWZS545R Series 16GB Walkman with Built-In Stereo Speakers

If you go to Amazon and check out the reviews for both devices you are going to find that all the reviews are comparable. Of course you’ll find that the iPod has been sold ten times more than the Sony Walkman, but that’s most likely because this is the most well known MP3 player.

At this point we want to tell you what one of the largest differences is with regards to comparing these two devices and that’s the actual price that you need to pay for each unit. The iPod Nano 5th generation is considered the most comparable to the Sony and it will cost you £250, but the Sony can be bought for about 100 and both are available from Amazon. When you look at all the features of both products you ought to concur that the Sony is actually the better deal, hands down.

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