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Spruce Up Your Computer With Windows 8 Today

Did you know that not upgrading your computer software to the latest version can slow down your computer to a great extent? Further, it can also prove to be a real hassle because a lot of new software that comes out in the market may not be compatible with your old operating system? Well, if you still have older versions of the Windows operating system on your laptop or desktop, it’s about time you upgraded. You can spruce up your computer with Windows 8 today and enjoy excellent security, easier navigation and a lot of other benefits. If you’re wondering how to download this version of the operating system, you can just download it from the given link on the Microsoft web page.

The performance of Windows 8 has taken the world by storm. It is a lot cheaper than older versions of this operating system and one would notice major improvements in performance. People who have got Windows 8 installed on their computers have found it to be absolutely amazing and a lot more efficient than older versions of Windows. Keep in mind, however, that you will see certain navigational changes and user interface changes with the Windows 8 operating system. This is something you need to be prepared for if you wish to make the most of this brilliant new version of the operating system.

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Smart Search Tool Is A Real Boon

By default Windows has a new smart search tool that simultaneously displays your personal files along with Bing results when you run a search. While this smart search tool doesn’t work for each and every search, in most cases you will get a pop up of results from the Internet. If you’re not comfortable with this tool, you can easily disable it without any hassles. Having this tool at your disposal, however, can prove to be a real blessing. When you run a search for music, the band information or the singer information will also pop up courtesy this awesome new search tool. To get the latest Windows 8 product key, check this link.

SkyDrive Integration

Are you fed up of spending hours on end backing up important data and information from your computer? Well, thanks to Windows 8, you won’t need to put in those efforts any more. The Windows 8 operating system has the SkyDrive integrated into it. Syncing and backup become effortless and file sharing also becomes a lot easier. This integrated SkyDrive feature has become a hit amongst Windows users globally. If you have tons of data on your computer and are constantly downloading new data, you definitely need to switch to Windows 8 to do away with the unnecessary hassle of spending hours on end backing up all your data.

A Brand New Windows Store

Do you remember when the Windows store seemed dull and boring and uninviting? Not any more! The all-new Windows 8 Store is bursting with a wide range of fun and fabulous apps. All the software that you could possibly require is available under one roof. The Windows 8 Store has an all-new look and style. You can actually browse through the descriptions and ratings of the apps while you’re going through them. The apps no longer need manual updating as they now update automatically. There are lots of new games and must have programs available on the Windows 8 Store too.

Skype Away!

For all the Skype lovers out there, here’s some great news! Windows 8 now has Skype as an essential part of the operating system itself. Skype is now integrated into the Windows 8 operating system. This means that you can finally instant message, audio call and video call in just a single click and all under one roof. Skype will now be available on the lock screen as well as the front and centre screen.

Security Feature Is Top Notch

Another reason why you definitely want to and should upgrade to Windows 8 is that this awesome operating system has a reliable and fabulous security system. This operating system offers a 2-way authentication method that includes picture password and PIN password. You no longer need to worry about your system being tampered with or valuable data and information being stolen from your computer. This security system is particularly useful when you work at an office with countless other staff members.

Better User Interface

The user interface of Windows 8 is simple, easy and absolutely uncomplicated. Even if you haven’t ever used the Windows operating system in the past, you will find yourself comfortably navigating your way through this excellent and upgraded operating system. The user-friendly feature of the Windows operating system has made it a hit amongst corporate organisations and individual computer users. You won’t find yourself struggling to get around. Even young children who are just learning how to use computers will find this operating system easy to learn and manoeuvre.

Well, there you have it, all the reasons why you should spruce up your computers with Windows 8 today. People from across the globe and from different age groups have used the Windows 8 system and only had good things to say about it. The reviews and ratings of this upgrade in the operating system have also been off the charts. Don’t continue using older versions of the software when you can get the latest upgrade of it at an affordable price and with all the new tweaks and additional features.

What are you waiting for? You should get right to it and download this awesome new upgrade of the Windows operating system today! We are quite certain that you will love using Windows 8 and will be comfortable manoeuvring it in just minutes of download. Spruce up your computer totally with Windows 8 and enjoy the many benefits that come along with this operating system upgrade. Your data will also be safe and secure now thanks to the excellent security and password protection features. People who have offices with Windows machines should get all the machines upgraded with Windows 8 for smooth and hassle-free performance and functioning.

By Sohel Ather

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