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Taking A Deeper Look At The Boss BV9990 In Dash DVD Player

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Boss BV9990 In-Dash 7" DVD/MP3/CD

With technology growing in leaps and bounds every year, not only are new and better products being brought out to the market, but this is also causing the new products to be more inexpensive. Years ago when the first in dash DVD players were introduced to the market, they were being sold for upwards to $1,000. But today, the competition is so tough just about anyone can buy a decent in-dash DVD system for their vehicles. In this article, we will be taking a deeper look at the Boss BV9990 in dash DVD player.

The Boss BV9990 comes with an impressive 1440 x 234 7-inch touchscreen. On that point alone made us want to get a closer look at this unit. Not only does the BV9990 have a brilliant screen, but it can be changed quickly for the best viewing angle.

The Boss BV9990 is not limited to playing only DVDs. Besides DVDs and traditional audio CDs, the Boss BV9990 player can also play VCDs, SVCDs, and MP4 files. One other cool thing about this player is that you can also plug in a USB thumb drive or an SD card that contain MP3 or WMA audio files and play music straightaway off them.

Of course, just about everyone nowadays owns some sort of MP3 player. And no matter what type of MP3 player you have, you can plug it right into the front of this in-dash DVD player, and play your music right through this stereo. Besides enjoying your digital entertainment files, you also can to connect a rear view camera. That means you will be able to see what’s behind your car on your 7-inch touch screen.

And of course, this in-dash DVD player also features an am/fm tuner and a complete graphic equalizer display. The entire system has 85 watts of pure power for a great multi-media experience. Also, this in-dash DVD player is rather expandable, possessing front and rear RCA outputs as well as a subwoofer output. Besides all that, this in-dash player also has a full wireless remote. Perfect for those folks in the back seat who seem to constantly have control over the radio. This should lessen the amount of whining and requests regarding the song that’s being played in your car.

To sum up, this in-dash DVD player is exceedingly powerful with lots of features. Also the fact that this in-dash DVD player starts at $199, makes this a great buy, even for people on a budget. If you want an excellent audio system to replace your current one, you can’t go wrong with the Boss BV9990 with its great features and low price.

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