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Ten Useful iPad Apps

With the population of Apple products, the corresponding Apps are also becoming more and more online. So for many iPad users, it is difficult to choose some good and useful Apps from the various softwares. Today, in this article I will give some useful Apps in iPad for you to refer.


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Instapaper: produced by Marco Ament.

You should install such software in your iPad. You can use Instapaper to read some browsers saved articles. You can import the articles which are waiting for you to read from your computer, mobile phone or iPhone. A recent update feature allows you to own more features like sharing and searching articles.

Dropbox: free ware.

Dropbox can perfectly meet the needs to move files between different devices. Using this software, you only need to upload files to Dropbox, then you can fast access to it on your iPad. I think you can hardly refuse such a basic free Dropbox network application.

Kindle: produced by Amazon, freeware.

Apple Company does not do any things better than their competitors. Amazon’s Kindle application provides more choice and more favorable price than Apple bookstore. Although the reading experience is different, I prefer to read in the Kindle because it is simple to quite picky. It is even better than Apple fake book style iBooks app.

Reeder for iPad: produced by Silvio Rizzi.

Although the iPad has multiple RSS readers to choose from, but I still prefer Reeder. And compared to other softwares, it is well designed, easy to use and have a mobile phone and desktop versions, and it can be perfectly synchronized.

Ladybird Baby Touch: produced by Penguin Books.

Children like playing iPad. They can quickly get started the touch screen system. They like to play games and watch videos on it. The software which comes from Penguin has a great attraction to children.

iA Writer: produced by Architects.

Although Apple has launched its own word processing software iPages, but iA Writer word processing software is a better choice. It can make your iPad to a type writer. You can save the edited content to Dropbox.

1Password for iPad: produced by Agile Web Soluitions.

When you switch between different computers and want to remember the login information of some websites,that is not an easy thing. The 1Password can keep all these login information in one place, but also can be synced between different devices. This means that you can use more complex passwords to ensure the safety of your information. And you only need to remember just one password, that is1Password login password.

IMDb: produced by IMDb, freeware.

If you find yourself like concerned about the actors looked like when watching TV or watching movies, then IMDb is essential. It can provide a massive online movie database on the screen of your iPad, this maks it is easy for you to find a person you saw somewhere before.

Spotify: free ware.

This software is not a real iPad app, but an iPhone version. Spotify can browse the huge catalog which is supplied by itself, access to your music player and storage devices. It really is very convenient for the people who are preparing music on a remote trip.

BBC iPlayer: Produced by BBC, freeware.

If you need to catch up with some TV programs when using iPad, so the well-designed BBC iPlayer is the ideal software. It can supply excellent playback features, but unfortunately it does support the video saved for offline function. But at least you can mark your favorite TV shows, then you will not miss a new episode.

Many people like to watch videos on iPad, that is because iPad gives us great viewing effect. So if you have some DVD discs and want to watch DVD movies on your iPad, you can refer to this tutorial: How to Play DVD on iPad 4th Generation.

Kim Guo likes to study iPad, iPhone, iPod and other Apple devices. She has a large amount of knowledge about these products.

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