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The Benefits Of Having A Pre-Paid Cell Phone

Are you tired of never knowing what your cell phone bill is going to be month to month? Sure, you signed a contract worth $49.99 a month, but somehow your bill is always double that, disrupting your budget and making you feel like you’ll never be able to save any money. A pay-as-you-go service has the potential to change the trepidation you feel opening that cell phone bill.

Image courtesy of Cheap photo stock
Image courtesy of Cheap photo stock

Buy A Phone According To Your Budget

There are several pre-paid providers now available in this burgeoning marketplace. Some partner with specific carriers, whereas others will let you purchase any phone you want. In most cases, buying a phone from one of the company’s selected partners is the cheapest way to go. Depending on the pre-paid carrier you select, many phone models are available as brand new, but a few are only offered as refurbished models at a substantial discount. Refurbished electronics as one of the greatest buys available; you get new or nearly new components inside used exteriors for a fraction of the typical price. Cell phones are usually refurbished with great success, and many customers who use a refurbished phone after previously using a new model say they do not notice any difference. However, if you are someone who wants and can afford the newest of everything, this might frustrate you. Many pre-paid used to lose customers by only offering talk service, but a large percentage of carriers now offer data as well. Instead of minutes, data is offered by the day, often for as low as $1.

Prepaid Services Help You Learn To Budget

If you’re tired of buying contracted monthly service with a cheap rate that doesn’t reflect the true cost, pre-paid cell phone service can be the better option. By buying as many minutes as you can afford, you control your budget. There is no contract, no bill at the end of the month, and no service fees, meaning you know exactly what you are spending on your cell phone service. If you are feeling a little thriftier some months, you can make an effort to screen your calls and only have your Ma call you on the landline.

Benefits Not Offered In Contract Plans

Since you aren’t locked into one specific plan, if you want to use 200 minutes one month and 4200 the next, you can. You don’t have to waste time haggling with your family and some guy in a colored polo shirt about which plan is best and which you can afford. Many pre-paids allow minutes to rollover to the next month, something that is not offered with traditional contract cell phones. Even better, you can have your teenagers buy their own minutes so you aren’t paying for their long-winded chatter.

Before you actually spend your hard-earned money on a prepaid plan, however, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Many of the pay-as-you-go carriers offer data speeds that are significantly slower than what you would find from a major carrier. If you are the type of person that likes to watch videos or stream movies on your cell phone, you may find that your best bet is to pay the higher price that a traditional carrier charges for their LTE network. You’ll also want to make sure that you aren’t getting nickel and dimed to death with charges for things like text messages or picture messages.

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