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The Dell Inspiron: A Basic Laptop to Be Proud Of

Looking for a budget-friendly, reliable and nice looking laptop computer can be a nightmare, with some people erroneously thinking that the only way to get an inexpensive laptop is to buy a used one and take a hit in the functionality due to the computer being slightly out-of-date.  Furthermore, when going to a bricks-and-mortar electronics shop, over-eager sales people can really pile on the pressure to make someone feel bad for purchasing an entry-level, inexpensive device.  To be frank, shopping for an inexpensive laptop can be an unpleasant experience.  However, at Dell, all of the pain has been taken away from the shopping experience with the Dell Inspiron line of laptops.

Great price for a lot of computers

The Dell Inspiron line of inexpensive laptops starting at only £299, offers terrific value for a low price, making the idea of purchasing a second-hand laptop absolutely ridiculous.  The base model, the Dell Inspiron 15, a great-looking device, is described as the perfect starter laptop.  With a 320 GB hard drive, 3 GB memory, and a dual-core Celeron processor, this computer will allow a person to browse the web with ease, watch videos, play games and chat, as well as use social networks.  In other words, everything that one does on a computer in one’s personal life can be done on the base model Dell Inspiron quickly and with ease.  Furthermore, there is a built-in microphone and built-in web-cam, so video conferencing is easy and convenient.  Also, watching movies or other media is a pleasure – even on this basic version of the Dell Inspiron – because the  HD screen is a full 15.6 inches, the same as what one would expect from a higher-end computer.

Great quality and happy customers

What independent reviewers say about this Dell Inspiron base model is that it is worth every penny and is reliable and fast.  Most owners of the Dell Inspiron 15 say this laptop is the best that they have owned and more than surpasses their expectations.  Although it is a budget laptop for people who are cash-strapped, it looks great, feels and acts like a much more expensive machine.  An interesting fact is that most owners of a Dell Inspiron laptop are repeat Dell customers who own other products from the company, such as desktop PCs or monitors.  The products are obviously good.

Low price does not mean low quality

The Dell Inspiron, along with Dell’s well-known, consistent and good customer service, gives a financially constrained customer some of their dignity back; this is a great laptop which happens to be inexpensive.   Anyone, rich or poor, can feel very proud to be an owner of even the most basic model of the Dell Inspiron.

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