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The future will be green energy based?

We all know that the oil will not last for ever and there are a lot of scientist who look for solutions. The current and most used solutions are based on renewable energy. We started capturing the sun and wind energy and although the efficiency can be improved these two technologies are used by many people who want to live of the grid or just want a more sustainable lifestyle.

windmills-1356390-mImage source sxc.hu

The energy gathered must be stored and the current solution is utilizing batteries. The stored energy can be used when required o power our homes or vehicles.

The green, renewable energy is used to power electric/hybrid vehicles right now. According to experts estimations in 2020 5-10% of the vehicles produces will be electric powered and utilize a lifepo battery or a similar device to store enough energy for the road.

The infrastructure isn’t fully developed in most of the countries to support electric cars, but the number of gas statins which also allow electric cars to be charged is constantly growing.

It is a matter of time and will until all gas stations will feature electric car charging. More and more people opt for electric or hybrid cars therefore will be a demand for electric energy. In my opinions our future will be renewable energy based.

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