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The Growing Use Of Smartphones In Everyday Life

Almost everyone you meet or see today has a phone stuck to their ears or in their pockets. A few years ago, only a very few people had smart phones but today it seems that the majority of the population uses this device for almost every aspect of daily life.

The growing use of smart phones can be seen in sectors and areas such as:

  • Social networking,
  • Business operations,
  • Financial and banking transactions,
  • Shopping,
  • Emailing and
  • Searching for information on the Internet.

There are many other ways in which smart phones have changed the way we live our daily lives. Take for instance, fitness and working out; which have become so much easier because there is a range of mobile applications dedicated to the same. You can cook, take photographs, play games, decorate your house and even chat with someone for free because of mobile applications.

Marketing and business activities

Increasingly, business owners are turning to the use of smart phones to carry out activities such as:

  • Customer relationship management,
  • Email marketing,
  • Connecting with a client base with the help of mobile applications and
  • Using the power of timely information.

For instance, the agriculture sector has used the power of smart phones to get information pertaining to the weather and even market prices across to farmers. This has gone a long way in helping this sector track harvest times and even identify the market that will pay them the best for their produce.

 Social networking

Australia is one country that is heading the usage of smart phones for social networking. Statistics reveal that Australia has one of the highest rates of smart phone penetration in the world. At 37%, Australia is second only to Singapore.

Australia also has one of the highest rates of mobile owners who are accessing various social networking sites. The figure pertaining to this finding comes from Ofcom Consumer Research and is pegged at 29%.

Mobile applications

Considering that more and more developers are coming up with mobile applications for different areas such as travel, health, social media, technology itself and so on, the growing use of smart phones to download and use these mobile applications is phenomenal.

According to statistics from IDG Global Solutions, 70% of smart phone owners use mobile applications for various reasons. Travel related applications are the most popular category and are used consistently by people who want to track flight timings and discover new places in their holiday destinations.

The growing use of smart phones has also resulted in application developers using Geolocation features which allow them to give relevant and pertinent information to their customers. GPS navigation is also a very popular use of the smart phone and Australia has a smartphone population out of which 66% use GPS-based information. In fact most companies creating web design in Australia make it a point to create mobile friendly designs.

Smart phones are also expected to grow at a pretty phenomenal rate. Statistics according to Tapit, state that NFC enabled smartphones will rise by 467% in Australia. By the end of the first quarter this year, Australia should have seen a number in the vicinity of 2.1 million as far as smart phones are concerned.

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