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The HTC One X Is A Great Phone For Keeping In Touch

Messaging on the HTC One X is definitely a good point to this phone. There are lots of ways in which you can keep in touch with your friends and loved ones such as:

  • Webmail
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Multimedia message
  • Instant Messenger
  • Google Talk

And many more depending on what you can find in the Google play store.

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How Do I Set My Messaging Services Up?

The majority of this is already done for you when you first turn on your phone. You will be asked to sign into things such as your Google account and also set up your email accounts. This is a great feature about the HTC One X as the majority of the hard work is done for you. Once you have finished setting up your messaging you will find out that it was definitely worthwhile. You are able to find messages that have been sent and received by a particular person and it is relatively straightforward for anyone to use.

The Keyboard

HTC still have the best keyboard available and it is very simple to use. It uses predictive text to help even the biggest novice accomplish sending a message. If however you do not like the keyboard that is on offer there are many others available for you to download on Google play. One of the best keyboards available is Swiftkey X. If you struggle with eyesight or have large fingers then this is definitely a good phone for you. It boasts large touch screen keys due to it having a 4.7inch screen.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are already installed on the HTC One X mobile phone as there are not many people who do not own an account on these sites. Due to these already being installed you will receive notifications on your lock screen when people are contacting you. This enables you to keep up to date with what is going on.

Sense 4.1

This is new to the HTC One X and enables you to be able to open messages from your lock screen. It is as simple as dragging your finger across the screen to automatically open your message.


The email client that the HTC One X uses is very good and boasts all of the amenities that you need from your email client including being able to open links to other sites. It is a lot more user friendly than the email clients on the previous HTC phones. You are now able to delete more than one email at a time and can jump between emails with just a click of a button.

Smart Sync

This is a new app added to the HTC One X which enables you to choose how often your phone updates the email messages you receive. This is a very good feature especially if you use your phone for business, but is not good for your phones battery life.

This is a very good phone that is perfect for keeping you in touch with your family and friends.

Laura Ginn considered buying a refurbished mobile phone to save some money. Whilst looking online she noticed the HTC One X white mobile phone and was really impressed with the features that it had for the price that was being charged. Laura found a really good deal and couldn’t be happier.

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