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The Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device

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The advances in technological innovation are quite simply amazing. If reading isn’t your thing, perhaps it’s about time for you to try the new Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device. A popular as well as easy way to read is with e-readers. This should come as no real surprise as the digital path seems to be the way of the whole world. A few years back the first Kindle arrived on the scene, and it was met with open arms. They were very happy to use a wireless product to read their books.

Here are some reasons why you need to be taking into consideration the Kindle 3G Wireless if you are ready to change from the printed media to a digital e-reader. It is just like reading through a normal printed book. It is a definite advantage for many who don’t like the idea of reading from a computer screen. One option that can make the Kindle very attractive, would be the fact that you can adjust how large the print is. This is a great way for elderly people or people with poor eyesight to still be able to read their favorite books. With ongoing advancements in technology the screen contrast has been improved providing a sharper and clearer text and pictures.

If you are a big reader you are aware how tough it is to hold a heavy book for long periods of time. The new Kindle 3G is so light and portable that this has stopped being an issue. Weighing just 8.7 ounces it really is lighter than a normal paperback book, and it is slimmer than most magazines. The unit is comfortable to hold, and there’s no trouble holding it with one hand. With buttons for switching pages on either side it does not matter if you are right-handed or left-handed.

Another huge advantage is the built-in 3G coverage which is standard for this device. You can actually make use of the same signal that mobile phones use to connect to the Internet And with this technological innovation you will be able to download books just about anywhere you go. You can do this almost anywhere, including when you are traveling. There aren’t any fees or even legal agreements to sign as this service is covered by Amazon. Another thing which is somewhat unique is you can have the Kindle read the book for you just like those obsolete books on tape. This means that you could have the newspaper read to you while driving to work. You can have the advantages of reading, while driving, without touching the device. Another great thing is the fact that parents are now able to take a break and have the Kindle read their kids a bed time story.

Needless to say the new battery pack with the new Kindle is actually the amazing part. If your Amazon kindle is switched off the battery will last for 30 days. Even if you leave it turned on, it can last for 10 days. And you of course receive the particular battery with your purchase, in addition to a USB cable and power cord. The Kindle 3G includes a one-year limited warranty, plus an extensive warranty can be purchased separately. In the box you can find a user guidebook for your reference, plus a quick start guide. One optional expense is to buy a cheap protective cover for your brand new Kindle. It is a wise investment mainly because it helps keep the display screen free of scratches. Also by acquiring and using the cover you won’t need to concern yourself with the unit being switched on in error.

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