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The Latest Power Tool Gadgets

When it comes to power tools, people always look forward to advanced technology and innovations. There are key players in the power tool industry who create a fiercely competitive marketplace. Tech savvy consumers not only loop up to them but also rate the products once they get to use them. Consumers look for modern technological incorporation, improved functionality, higher level of safety, ergonomic designs, quicker machines, lighter weights and more durable power tools. With the advent of anything new in this market, the companies conduct marketing activities aggressively therefore; none of their new products remain behind the scene.
Some of the key products in the power tool industry are listed below. These are categorized by the brand name to ensure a better reading experience:

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M18 Cordless Metal Saw by Milwaukee 

Milwaukee is a prestigious name in the field of power tools. The company provides superior performance with ultimate productivity. Keeping their tag line in mind, the company has launched a cordless metal saw that runs by Lithium-ion batteries. Named M18, the tool is very light and compact at the same time. 35% more power are being produced by the unique 4 pole frameless motor. Run time is the new benchmark for the industry standards and its amazing laser guide helps the users to run the saw in a straight line.

Cordless Drill with Tough Tool IP Technology by Panasonic
Panasonic goes by the slogan – “Providing Intelligent Tools”. To keep up to their words, they have launched a cordless drill that features tough tool IP technology. This amazing tool is water resistant, ergonomic, designed to resist fatigue and a multitasking tool.

Small Angle Grinder by Milwaukee

This amazing tool with 7.0 Amp 4-1/2” is a great innovation. The tool comes with constant power technology that allows it to sustain the high speed even when loaded. The company has already filed a patent for the motor technology that has been used in this power tool. The key part of this motor is its efficiency since it produces more power. The electronic clutch system eliminates the bind-up process thus extends the product life. Milwaukee has provided a nice feature of interchangeable accessories that requires no intervention of a wrench.

Cordless Drill by Makita 

Makita has always been outstanding when it comes to power tools manufacturing. They have introduced a product that holds up their standard even higher. The cordless drill Makita launched runs by 18-volt LXT Lithium-ion batteries and it is very light. Compared to its predecessors, it has 40% less weight. However, productivity has certainly increased since it is 3 times more powerful with a fantastic and accurate ergonomic design. The most beautiful part is, the batteries can be charged within 25 minutes thus it saves valuable times.

Cordless Rotary Hammer by Bosch

Bosch always goes by the slogan – “Invented for Life” and the company remains true to its words. It has introduced a rotary hammer that is heavy duty, tough and ultra-portable. The company has ensured that this power tool is virtually indestructible and provides stable and robust performances. They call the model 36V-Li, which is compact as well as cordless. This rotary hammer can handle the toughest of the construction jobs and the cordless feature allows the user to move freely.

As the days are getting more technologically advance, we hope to get more and more such amazing power tools in very recent future from these wonderful companies.

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