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Tips and Tricks of Samsung Galaxy S Series

1. How to determine if the new-purchased phone is a new device?


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Doubted the purchased phone is used? Well, you can check the time the phone is used to tell if it is used. You just need to enter #*#*4636*#*# in the dial pad and then select “Usage statistics”. Here the usage frequency and duration of the apps installed on the Galaxy S phone series will be listed. Of course, it is impossible that a phone is completely not used as tests will be carried on the phone before it is out of the factory. Generally speaking, the phone is new when you find that few apps are used for a short time.

2. Have changed the default media player or other programs and how to restore it?

In this situation, you can go to Settings – More – Application Manager to find the one you’ve manually set the default player’s name and click on it, find the “Launch by default”, click on Clear defaults and the system defaulted media player will be restored.

3. How to close the background running programs?

In any interface, long press the Home button and the Task Manager will appear. Find the one you want to close and then press and drag it to any horizontal direction and the software is closed thoroughly. If you want to shut down all the background apps, you just need to click the button at the lower right corner.

4. How to adjust the screen effect on Samsung Galaxy s phones?


You can adjust it in the Screen mode. To do so, you can go to Settings -> My device -> Display -> Screen mode. The default setting is Adapt display. You certainly can select other options like Dynamic, Standard, Professional and Movie as you like.

5. Can the Galaxy S series built-in calculator only complete simple operation? Is there an advanced calculator within it?


If you turn on the automatic screen rotate in your phone, the advanced calculator will appear as long as you put the phone in a landscape mode.

6. What are the new photographic functions in Galaxy S4?

In Samsung Galaxy S4, the Sound & shot mode and Drama mode are added to the photography. With them, you can make your photos more vivid and cool. Sound & shot: enrich pictures by adding background sounds for a few seconds. Drama: takes multiple exposure pictures of a moving subject and merges them into one dramatic picture.

7. What S Health is used for?

S Health is a health monitoring software, which can detect the number of steps we walk every day, the number of stairs we climb, as well as ambient temperature and humidity, and it also can monitor our diet and estimate calorie consumption. It really is a good helper for healthy diet and healthy exercise.

8. How to watch DVD on Samsung Galaxy s Series?

DVD format is not compatible with almost all media player including the Galaxy S series. Also the protection on a DVD will also stop you to copy DVD to other place. So you need get a DVD ripper and use it to decrypt and convert DVD to Galaxy S phones for playback.

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