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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for A Windows 10 User

Have you recently upgraded to Windows 10? It is a revolutionary upgrade from windows. Which has been provided for free to existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users. At the same time when the user interface will look amazing Windows 10 is loaded with some exciting new features. Windows 10 upgrade promised you that it will make use of computers much more easy and productive for you but the question is how? In this article, we will tell you 10 tips and tricks which will allow you to use your windows 10 computer effectively.

  1. Resize the start menu:

When you click on the windows icon given on the bottom left if it looks like start menu is occupying your screen then on windows 10 you can resize the start menu.  You do not need to edit any registry simply you need to drag the size of the start menu from the corners.

  1. Remove live tiles from the start menu:

Live tiles are included to Windows from Windows 8 Onwards. You can remove live tiles from Windows 10 start menu by right clicking on a tile and then clicking on “Unpin from start

  1. Quick action switches:

Now you do not need to dive deep into settings to just turn on Wi-Fi or the internet. You will have some quick toggle switches on Windows 10 to do this. To access these switches, click on the Message icon given on the bottom right on the task bar and you will see buttons for some quick settings. You can also customize this menu by adding or removing some buttons from it.

  1. Using Cortana as voice assistant:

To cope up with the emerging trends in computing Microsoft has finally introduced its voice assistant Cortana. With the user-friendly voice assistant Now you can perform many tasks using voice commands. On the latest updates of Windows, you can even shut down or log off from your computer from the other side of the room using voice commands. If you are using a desktop computer and do not have a Microphone attached then contra can work as Spotlight search.

  1. Create multiple desktops:

If you have a powerful machine and just one desktop is not enough for you then Now you should not compromise. You can add an extra desktop by using multiple desktop feature of Windows 10. To create a new desktop, you can click on the task view button given next to the search box and by clicking on + icon labeled with “New Desktop”

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  1. Insert Notes, Highlight or Annotate on Edge browser:

Edge browser is not just an internet browser it is a good application to read the things and not for just reading you can also mark, highlight or Annotate. When you click on the Edit icon at the top right bar you will get the tool to highlight mark or delete. You can also share this screen shots with markups.

  1. New files explorer can do lot of things:

Tiered of Navigating to the files you were last working? Windows 10 is loaded with the advanced explorer. Whenever you open the explore you can find the files you were last working on at the top. From the ribbon at the top you can quickly share the files. If we talk about the image preview then you can now get extra-large icons from the view Menu. It will show you larger preview of the images.

  1. Speed up computer and clean the junk:

You might be knowing about the disc cleaning utility in the previous versions of Windows. Windows 10 is also loaded with this feature it is having an advanced tool to Clean PC which cleans your PC deeply and thus boost its performance at the same time.

  1. Enable dark mode to have less strain on your eyes:

Edge browser on Windows comes with dark mode but if you want you can apply dark theme to other menus and apps. To do this you need to edit registry tough editing the registry is a critical task but it is comparatively easy. You need to open the registry editor and navigate to the registry.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Themes -> Personalize.

Right click on the empty pane and chose New>DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Rename the field to “AppsUseLightTheme,” now you will see a new entry in the right pane with the name “AppsUseLightTheme” with default value set as 0. Now logout and login and you will be able to see the changes.

  1. It is having inbuilt screen recorder:

So many times, for recording a problem or for troubleshooting you may need the screen recorder windows 10 comes with an inbuilt screen recorder which can be accessed by pressing Windows+G on the desktop and then you can tick the check box “Yes this is a game.”

So, these 10 tips and tricks will help you to use your Windows 10 computer more productively. So, if you have not upgraded your computer to Windows 10 then you should do it right now.

By Yogesh Sharma

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