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Top Tips On What To Do In Order To Sell IPad 1 Tablets

If you are looking to sell iPad 1 tablets in preparation for a new purchase or two if you’ve previously purchased a couple for the family, there are a number of things to keep in mind before you finally sell the product on.

Of course, the Internet is quite a handy tool for finding somewhere to sell it, a quick “sell iPad 1” search query on a search engine will generate plenty of options, if you want to go down that line.

However, before you opt to sell your product you will want to make sure you carry out a bit of spring cleaning for the sake of security as well as privacy. The last thing you need is someone stumbling across bank details or embarrassing home snaps.

Get It Backed Up

If you’ve got a lot of songs, videos or pictures on your gadget before you sell your iPad 1, it is important to back up its content. You will actually need to sync your device to make sure the content is on iTunes. You will want to use the device with iTunes on it to sync everything, as you will find you may have to manually upload the media content again otherwise.

In terms of other content it is again a case of syncing it with iTunes, if you buy a new iPad, you will then simply have to sync that to iTunes and follow the necessary instructions. You will be able to see if a recent backup has been completed by looking at the device backup list in the devices tab of iTunes.

Wipe It Clean

Your next mission is to clear the content on your iPad. This is a relatively simple task; you simply need to go on the settings menu of the gadget and then under the general category, select reset and then ‘erase all content and settings’. Just make sure you have really backed it up properly first.

It is similarly important to de-authorise the model from iTunes as you will no longer be using it.

You’ll also literally need to wipe it clean, use a soft dry cloth to get it shining like a brand new item once again.

Don’t Be Mean

If you sell an iPad 1 privately, it is best to unearth the box and cables if you have not already, this will make the rest of the package that little more enticing to a private seller.

Other Considerations For Selling Online

Of course when selling any electrical product there are a number of other considerations to bear in mind.

If you are looking to sell online, ensure you don’t end up making your post sound like a scam deal. Check your spelling is in order, and avoid excessive use of capitals, often a pet peeve amongst Internet users. Similarly you’ll want to ensure you only use appropriate buzzwords and refrain from excessive punctuation. A barrage of exclamation marks is similarly high on the pet peeve scale of online shoppers and hence should be avoided where possible.

People looking to an item online, will always be looking for an accurate product description too, so make sure all the vitals like colour, model and make are included, but also if you can include pictures and a more detailed item description. People are more likely to believe your mission to sell iPad 1 or other such devices, is legitimate if you include a picture showing it is in nearly new condition, alongside the actual text claiming it be such!

Louisa Jenkins is a freelance tech blogger, she blogs on everything from how to sell iPad 1 tablets for a new purchase, to the latest Android devices.

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