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Turtle Beach X12 Headset (Xbox 360)

If you’d like to buy a headset with extraordinary sound for your games but can’t afford to spend a great deal, you will like the Ear Force X12 Headset. These big 50 mm speakers generate excellent highs and deep lows. There are volume controls and adjustable bass for either game or chat, because of the in-line amplifier. As it has a separate connection for mic and line signals, the X12 is a great pair of headphones for PC gaming.

Turtle Beach X12 Headset
Turtle Beach X12 Headset

The most popular XBOX gaming headset of all time is the legendary X11, and the X12 builds on that success, by adding 50mm speakers, together with adjustable bass. The excellent sound quality gives the X12 an advantage over other speakers. You are going to hear things with the X12 that will be skipped when utilizing typical speakers. You will be able to listen for a loading weapon, click in the distance, or the noise of an enemy’s footsteps. It will give you the advantage to winning the game, when you’re able to hear the sound quickly enough to take out the enemy, before they take you out. You could play in comfort for long periods with these headphones on because they are deep-cushioned and huge.

If you’re really serious about how your game sounds, you will definitely appreciate what the X12 offers. You’ll be able to do lots of extended gaming sessions with the comfy ear cushions, and make audio changes easily with the in-line amplifier. You can also make immediate adjustments to game audio and chat volumes due to the independent controls. There are not any adapters or batteries required, since the power supplied to your amplified Xbox 360 headset is supplied by a USB connection. A lot of positive reviews should make you think that you’re making the correct choice if you select these headphones.

The mic is superb at picking up mumbles and whispers which is one the reasons it is quite popular. The sound is fantastic and the bass could be controlled, with the Bass Boost dial. The headsets are not noise canceling but the outside noise is considerably reduced. These headset also are comfy for those who wear glasses even after extended sessions. One of the downsides for this headset is given that the mic is very sensitive, it tends to pick up too much background noise. Some people have also lamented that hearing their own voice while chatting is a distraction. You’ll be able to tell if your microphone is on or not. The mute toggle is located where it can be changed by accident, when you don’t want it to be.


Whether you observe a big difference with this headset, might be determined by an earlier headset you have used. The X12 might be more than what you asked for or possibly it is just what you expected. For you, it will get down to your own use and determination.

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