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Unlocking Vs Rooting

Most of the people got confused between rooting and unlocking. But these are completely different things. Here in this tutorial we will differentiate between unlocking and rooting.

What is Rooting?

It is the process of gaining root access to the device. It is generally performed on Android smartphones, but it can also be performed on Linux based devices. Rooting is gaining privileged access to a device, allowing user to modify and access restricted files.

The word “Root” comes from the Unix/Linux world, which is used to describe a user who has permissions or rights to all the files and programs in the software Operating System.

Once you have rooted your device, it became possible for you to replace pre-installed apps, replace or modify system files. Rooting can cause problems if it is not done in a proper way. Apart from Android devices, rooting may need to be accomplished via security exploit. There are some risks involved In rooting your device. It can void your warranty period of your device. Your device can be more vulnerable to malicious apps and you can harm your device during rooting.

What Is Unlocking?

Unlocking is a process of allowing a mobile device to be used on others operator models. Generally cell phones are tied up with one service providers, so you can’t use it on a different service provider, unless you unlock it.

Rooting or Jailbreaking alone do not unlock a phone. To unlock your phone, you have to ask for a third party to do it. At present, there are various cell phone unlocking service providers that can help you to unlock your cell phone at very cheap and easy way. You can also unlock your cell phone by other ways, which includes using special unlocking software or buying a unlock code (for GSM cell phone).

By Himanshu Sharma


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