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Use a Cool Alarm Gadget to Scare the Living Daylights Out of Burglars

A brief look at the history of burglar alarms will show us that scaring the living daylights out of thieves has always been a popular move. So how can you do it using modern alarm gadgets? There are now plenty of ways of doing this and here are some of the best ones.

1. Make a loud noise. Perhaps the most enduring method of turning the tables on an intruder and making them the person who is scared is to make a loud noise. A lot of modern home security gadgets will let you do this in different ways. Some will make sounds like wild barking dogs when movement is detected, others will set off an ear piercing shriek or the kind of repeating siren noise which would drive anyone crazy. These are all great ways of making the person afraid and of alerting neighbours and passersby to the situation as well.


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2. Switch on the lights. There are also many different ways of bathing the intruder in lights to scare them off. For example, an alarm with a strobe light can be hugely effective in getting someone to hightail it out of there. Perhaps a cleverer approach is to use a smartphone or tablet app to scare them. These can often be linked to your home’s alarm system and can control your home’s lighting system as well. This means that once you are alerted to something untoward happening at home you can immediately switch on all of the lights and see if that scares them away. For a good example of this kind of app check out ADT UK website or download from the Android Market and App Store for free.

3. Cover them in fog. A less common but undeniably cool idea is to cover the intruder in a bank of fog. This can be done with a fog shield type of alarm gadget which gets set off when someone tries to force their way in. What this does is simply release a huge bank of fog which quickly covers the area and hopefully confuses and scares the robber. They usually come with a piercing siren as well, to really put the frighteners on them.


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4. Shout at them. It is always a good idea to leave the best till last, isn’t it? In this case though, the gadget isn’t yet available on the market. However, whenever it does finally come out it will be pretty scary, as it is a robot dog which you can use to shout at burglars. It seems that scientists are working on a robot security dog with a security camera and built in speakers which the home owner can control and speak through. How much scarier than this can it get?

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