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Video Resumes – The Resume Of The Future

We are living in a high tech world. Everything has changed including the way we network, socialize, do business, do our banking, pay bills, shop and a whole lot more. Why should the way you create your resume be outdated or ordinary when everything else is so much more technological? Multimedia resumes are quickly becoming as well-known as its traditional counterparts, and these resumes will be required by the more prestigious companies of tomorrow. These resumes are not only robust, but they are also HTML friendly, highly searchable and very detailed. Let’s take a look at multimedia resumes and what they can do for you.

Online Resumes are the Wave of the Future

If you have an online resume without multimedia it is not going to be very interesting at all. It is almost like missing the whole point of having a resume online. An online resume makes everything far more interesting to future employers. Viewers will see things in a completely different light even if it’s the same basic information that would have been held in a traditional resume. Multimedia resumes are engaging and impressive to hiring boards and will make that first impression you need to land the job.

What can a multimedia resume offer?

With a multimedia resume you will have MP3 or Video that answers all of the basic interview questions. You can also include things like lectures or seminars that you have recently conducted if it is appropriate to your individual situation. Your own personal AVP is also readily available on a multimedia resume. These resumes are edgy, classy and they truly are the wave of the future.

Photos related to your work or of your work space can be added to multimedia resumes as well. If there are photos of you intermingling with power-players in your set industry that would be a great addition to the photo section of your multimedia resume!

Audio testimonials are easily added from any past coworkers or clients to replace the ordinary references section of traditional resumes. Everything about a multimedia resume is far more impressive, and that can go a long way in these highly competitive times.

Connecting and Sharing Your Multimedia Resumes

You can link a multimedia resume to your social media profile pages. However, it is best if they are related to your brand as this will help you to reach and leave an impression on your targeted audiences. This is great exposure to show your work ethic, personality, make connections and build trust in your industry. Before you know it they will be competing to get you on board rather than you competing to get the job. If you are concerned about privacy, no worries, you can protect your privacy with a few simple edits to the profile settings.

SEO, Visitors and Stats for your Multimedia Resume

Using a straight forward and boldfaced layout with bullet points and sub headings for the separate sections is the best way to deal with a multimedia resume. You want to reach as many prospects and connections as possible, so incorporating keywords for search engine optimization are critical.

While you will never know who read your traditional resume, you will be able to track visitors and even see what websites linked to it. You can pinpoint the country, time and date from which viewers came to your site, as well as how many visitors come to view your multimedia resume in a day. You can even see which of the keywords were used to find your resume online.

Don’t wait to get your multimedia resume live, because in today’s business word it is all about branding yourself.

Today’s guest post was provided by Milos B. from the Virtual Web Productions blog team. Milos enjoys his job and spends most of his free time at the gym or relaxing with his family.

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