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What is a RaceChip?

I like to learn new things and I am constantly reading about new technologies no matter the field.

The latest term I stumbled upon was RaceChip. The term was new to me so I made a search to find out more.

This is a technology for the car enthusiasts. The racechip is made by one of the largest chip tuning companies. Using chip tuning is a simple way to increase engine power and according to the manufacturer you won’t compromise the vehicle components.

This is a technology for the racing enthusiasts and the one who want to pimp their car. The increase of engine’s power is up to 31%. And in plus the chip tuning kits are easy to install (a lot of people prefer to install the chips themselves).

Because the engine will run better the fuel consumption should decrease by 1 liter per 100 kilometers.

RaceChip chip tuning works by improving injection timing, injection quantity, injection pressure, boosting pressure and air mass.

It seems like a good solution not only to boost the car’s engine performances but to save some money on the long run as well (the decreased fuel consumption should save around $15 per gas full).  I am not especially interested in car tuning, but if you want more power you should check out this technology.

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