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What Is Graphene And How Will It Change Our Technology?

The beautiful thing about technology is that it is always changing and if this year’s E3 trade show is anything to go by the future is bright; for gaming fans at least. As far as general technology goes there are always new discoveries being made which help to change the face of the devices and gadgets that we all use on a daily basis. From the transistor to the silicon chip; new advancements have made the 21st century and exciting place to live.

And things are set to evolve even further in the coming years thanks to a discovery that you may not be aware of. A new element by the name of graphene is set to transform our modern electrical devices and make things possible that never were before.

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So What Is Graphene?

It’s strange to think that a potentially game changing advancement in the technology world has stemmed from the humble pencil, but that is exactly the case. This two dimensional metal was first discovered in 2004 by two physicists at the University Of Manchester, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, and has had extensive work done on it since to try and establish just what it can do.

Geim and Novoselov realised that the graphite in our pencils is made up of hundreds of tiny layers and set about striping these down. They found that when the graphite is reduced to just one of these layers it develops some interesting properties and this earned them the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. Earlier this year graphene researchers in Sweden received a £1 billion pound grant to continue developing this new, exciting element.

So What Makes It So Good?

The best thing about graphene is the fact that it is fundamentally made up of carbon which is one of the most abundance substances that can be found. This means that it should be quite inexpensive to harvest and there is little danger of it running out in the near (or distant) future. To make the graphene stable and usable it is placed on a silicon wafer which helps it to be both unbelievably flexible and fantastically strong. The carbon atoms are so tightly packed that it makes this substance almost unbreakable.

Another really important property of graphene is that it is an excellent conductor of electricity. This is thanks to the lattice structure that the carbon atoms are constructed in and means that graphene is set to play an important role in electrical technology of the future.

How Will It Change Technology?

Before the discovery of graphene the technology that we use on a daily basis had limits to how compact and thin it could be. But due to how thin this substance is and the fact that it has a rare two dimensional structure it will mean that smart phones, tablets, laptops and even TVs could soon be as thin and as lightweight as one sheet of paper. Understandably this has got tech PR companies and technology fans all over the world excited at the prospect of even smaller and more compact devices that will still be able to perform increasingly advanced tasks.

There are even rumours that the transparent nature of graphene could lead to the creation of contact lens style computers. In theory this is definitely possible due to its strength, flexibility and wafer thinness and this could spark a whole new world of graphene based technology.

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