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Why Opt For Free Point Of Sale Software?

Why should you opt for free retail software? There are several reasons to opt for quality free POS.

Operational Efficiencies

Point of sale software brings to business operational efficiencies. But buying a system can be an expensive affair. Big retail businesses such as supermarkets can afford the resources for high end systems. Small businesses and startups on the other hand can hardly afford such expenditure.

That is why free software is a handy alternative. It performs no different from some expensive systems. Perhaps the only difference is in the range of available applications/solutions.

Even so, small businesses don’t have the retail requirements of mega malls. Open source software can meet these nominal requirements. You stand to benefit from improved financial and customer management.  Managing your finances well translates to fewer, unnecessary losses. Enhanced customer relationship ensures you can develop loyalty and long lasting relationships. Other benefits of free software include enhanced employee and inventory control.

In terms of inventory control, you are better equipped to take charge of your stocks. The system issues alerts that warn of falling stocks in whatever section of the business. Data gathered on customer shopping trends can help serve their needs better.

Some software even allows for simultaneous multiple store inventory tracking. This is especially appropriate for multiple store owners.

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License: Royalty Free or iStock
Link: http://officeimg.vo.msecnd.net/en-us/images/MH900302974.jpg

How To Select The Right POS Software

If you have decided to go for free software for cost savings, how do you pick the best? The fact is, there are more than a thousand vendors in the market. The demand for POS software has increased exponentially globally. As more and more businesses realize the need for automation systems as requisite for profits, this demand can only rise.

So, how do you find the best software?

Consider the following:

•    Range Of Features

The range of features or applications available in software depends on your requirements. Supermarkets and malls invest in high end systems because their requirements are perhaps the biggest in retail. For your small business, find software that handles all the basics.

These includes what was earlier mentioned, i.e. inventory tracking, financial management, CRM, employee management etc. The range of features will also depend on your line of business and industry. Different industries have different POS systems and software.

•    Compatibility And Stability

Software stability is crucial in running your business. You don’t want software that crashes when handling peak hours. That is why it is important to ensure it has no bugs. The best way to keep this requirement is find out from other retailers using such software. You can’t miss reviews of the software if it is commonly used.

You must also check for compatibility. The most common operating systems are Microsoft, Macintosh and Linux. If using any of the above, check the software’s compatibility with the system. Generally though, Windows remains the most preferred POS system. There are special POS for Mac operating systems.

Other considerations include the number of users, growth plans and usability. If you can find software that is effective but easy to learn and understand, the better! Your growth plans means you have to find a scalable system. It should cater for future expansion of business requirements.

This is a guest blog post by Tony. Tony has been in the software industry for over ten years, ranging from point of sale to now working with Bough SEO on developing their software tools.

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